Accidents on Road
Traffic News Update
Guidelines for Pedestrians
  • Before you enter a street, stop at the curb.
  • Look at your left-right-left directions before enter a street.
  • Remember to walk on sidewalk.
  • In the absence of sidewalk, walk down while facing the road traffic.
  • Roads must be crossed only at marked crosswalks.
  • Prior to crossing, keep a watch at the drive of a turning vehicle.
  • While crossing street, always turn your headphones so that you are well aware of the approaching traffic.
  • During gusty weather, be extremely careful.
  • When you are crossing a roadway that leads to a handful of lanes, take notice of each lane.
  • Aid physically challenged and old people to cross roads.
  • When you are accompanying a child while crossing, ensure that you are holding his/her hand
  • Never run while crossing.
  • Teach children at your home the basic rules of traffic in a way comprehensible to them.
  • You should never permit your kids to play in the streets.
Don't indulge in jay walking, reading newspapers or hoardings when on the roads