Accidents on Road
Traffic News Update

Rajeev Kumar, IPS, Commissioner of Police

Kolkata is a metropolis with a very limited road space and one of the highest vehicle density ratios. Understandably, without cooperation from all stakeholders including the public at large, it is not possible for Traffic Police alone to manage the city traffic smoothly.

Therefore, on joining as the new Commissioner of Police of this historic city, I appeal to the public and solicit your unflinching cooperation to religiously follow traffic rules to help us manage traffic smoothly in the City of Joy. This will go a long way in achieving our objectives of increasing the speed of vehicles, reducing accidents and controlling vehicular pollutions in the city.

V. Solomon Nesakumar IPS,
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic)

Traffic Management has emerged as one of the most challenging aspects of Metro Policing, and among all Metros, Kolkata offers its own unique challenges.

Limited road space, huge volume of traffic, slow-moving vehicles and the sea of humanity make traffic management a daunting task. Balancing of twin principles of speed and safety requires a high degree of skill and motivation. The spurt in growth that Kolkata is witnessing has added a new dimension to the scenario.

We are aware of the challenge and responsibilities and the endeavour would be to provide an excellent traffic system in which the people of Kolkata can take pride.